Improve Your Online Visibility in 2017

As more and more people use the internet to research products and services, internet marketing increases its importance. This is how to improve your online visibility in 2017.

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We entered 2017 around 7 months ago, which is why now is a good time to review your SEO strategies and tactics. This will make sure you are up to date with the latest updates, so you can continue to improve your online visibility in 2017 via search engine optimisation.

SEO Ranking Delays:

Search engines are making it more and more difficult for websites to get a high ranking using spam and poor techniques. Google now takes a lot more time to get to a point where it ‘trusts’ a new website and allows it to move up the ranks, eventually landing on page 1. According to the latest research, it will also ‘play around’ with your website. Having it jump up in ranks one day and drop the next. This is because search engines like to test the links you are sending to the site, to make sure they are natural. Make sure you do not take a link away if it makes your website drop! Instead, wait a few days/weeks as Google may be testing that link. Local rankings in places like Hertfordshire experience even bigger ranking delays as Google cannot afford to put an illegitimate business on page 1.

Natural backlinks are an absolute MUST for successfully improving your search engine rankings:

Long gone are the days where you could implement SEO and be successful using un-natural, poor quality backlinks. Most search marketing agencies still do not understand this and continue to implement their spammy techniques. They are beginning to pay for this now as Google gets stricter on spammy, un-natural links. Make sure you focus on whitehat strategies and do things such as creating social profiles and guest post on relevant blogs. This is something that business owners do and Google sees this as natural.

Google’s mobile index:

Around November 2016, for the first time ever, mobile devices overtook desktop PC’s in internet usage. Google saw this coming and was prepared. It has been around a year now since they made the mobile index their primary index. This means that local gets a huge SEO boost and things such as reviews are of all the more importance. One thing to keep in mind is that it is a very good idea to invest into making your website mobile friendly or risk losing your hard earned local rankings. Take the Google mobile friendly test here!

Engaging content:

Poor quality content is also frowned upon by Google more and more. Things like spun articles, keyword stuffing and copied content are things that will almost certainly get your website a penalty, so make sure you do not over optimise your on-page SEO for your Hertfordshire business. User experience is also very important when trying to improve your online visibility in 2017. A slow website is not good and Google can see this so make sure your website loads quickly and is easily navigated by both users as well as Google Bots.

Anchor text variety:

As an SEO Hertfordshire agency, you need to be very careful when it comes to anchor text and where and how it is used. As mentioned above, keyword stuffing will no longer do the job and will most probably land you a penalty. Make sure you use a sufficient amount of exact match keyword anchor text but be sure to have some variety also. Use long tail keywords as well as naked links to mix it up a bit.